Friday, April 03, 2009

Only two wheels

She has been practicing but no true success yet....
coming soon

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Legos are NOT just for Boys....

After raising two boys, now I have a girl and she is a tinker girl. She LOVES legos.

She requested from Santa Indiana Jones Legos sets, well Santa provided and one rainy February saturday afternoon Mommy helped young Kailtyn learn to read the DEstructions.

Reading instructions has never been something I have been inclined to do, I am a visual learner so I prefer the hands on via the picture on the box. So I bit my lip and began teaching my daughter the RIGHT way. Although I ended up putting the majority of legos together, Kaitlyn did learn a little about reading the DEstructions.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Tooth Fairy is Coming......

Kailtyn lost her first tooth... then literally LOST it in the school trash can at lunch!
She was a real trooper about the loss, and she even wrote the tooth fairy an IOU!
Too funny. THe tooth was hanging by a thread but she wanted to show her friends and classmates at school. I think she was the last one in her class to lose a tooth.

I'm not so excited about this whole thing because the dentist already warned us because of her underbite we are in for an expensive orthodontic bill ;(
I could have bought a really NICE car for the fortune it cost to have both boys in braces.
Oh well, guess I have a few more years and a few more teeth before forking over the bucks for Kaitlyn.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally.. time to enjoy the bubbles

Its been a LONGGGGG time coming.

The fall of 2004 we added onto our home, we added two bedrooms and increased the master bedroom and remodeled our master bath to include a two person jaguzzi tub.

The tub had to be purchased in Sept 04 and was delivered on our anniversary on Oct 6th 2004.

The contractor needed to before the framing so they would be able to get the tub upstairs.

The said tub sat in my unfinished bathroom for the last 4 year in its orginal wrapper.

Many golf seasons have come and gone and I have been a VERY patient wife.

I was not until Kailtyn started to nagg her father that she had outgrown the standard size tub and that he NEEDED to fix HER big tub.

So since Sean has been off work for the last three week, within a week he finally finished the tub enough for us to enjoy. The custom cabinet have to be ordered to cover the side of the tub and the whole bathroom floor still needs to be laid but.... we can use the tub and boy did we!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not your usual Thanksgiving

We decided to take a quick impromtu trip to Disneyland over Thanksgiving. The drive is about 5 hours south on Freeway 5. The lines for the ride on Thanksgiving day we 10 minutes, it was awesome. Kaitlyn developed a love for rollercoasters. We went on Splash mountain 6 times in a row the last night we were there. Disney with the Christmas decorations is REALLY something to see. I kept wondering were do they store all these extra decorations? When I asked a few park employees the answer I got was..... Its MAGIC of course! Even for Sean who doesn't enjoy ammusment parks he REALLY enjoys Disneyland. This was Kaitlyns first trip and she was awesome. Not one melt down and she was gracous for everything she got and did. I was so proud of her.

The drive back from LA was horriable, 9 hours, 3 hours just to get out of LA area, then once night fell the fog rolled in, we were going 35 to 40 mph for 300 miles!!! UGH! Needless to say we were a little on nerve by the time we reached the driveway at midnight sunday nite!

Was it worth it? Would I do it again? A million times over, it was a great trip!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Teddy Bear Tea 2008

This weekend Kailtyn and I went to the 14th annual Teddy Bear Christmas Tea. This year was our thrid year going and I have to say as Kailtyn is getting older she enjoys it more. She loved getting dressed up this year. She learned to twirl her dress and requested that I do SOMETHING special with her hair. So as most little girls curl their hair for that SPECIAL look, Kailtyn has to flat iron hers for a SPECIAL look. Either way she still looks special. Getting very grown up . She pleaded with her brother to go outside and pick her Bear a rose and after much protesting he brought back a rose out of the backyard for the bear. Such a girly girl. Not sure where she gets that from ......

Halloween 2008

Fairys are particular scary but one could say they are a treat.. specially since they are so sweet as my special fairy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday....

I can't believe she 6 now. We survived with 8 little girls screaming thru the house and chowing down on all the candy they could get their hands on.

The princess castle cake was a hit along with the pinta.

The party was a success and I survived!